Mt. Washington Railway Tracts 14, 1025, 462 Survey

Mt. Washington Railway Survey

Mt. Washington Railway Tracts 14, 1025, 462 Survey

HEB worked with the USDA Forest Service to survey the boundaries of the inholding owned by the Mt. Washington Railway Co. in Thompson and Meserve Purchase, NH, commonly known as the Cog Railway. During the course of the survey, a number of encroachments around the Cog property were discovered and documented. HEB’s initial scope of work included deed research, GPS control survey, total station traverse and layout of property lines, corner monumentation and perpetuation, clearing, blazing, and painting of lines, and platting of a plan showing the survey and encroachments. HEB was contracted for an additional phase to prepare a boundary-line adjustment plan, to monument new corners, and clear, blaze, and paint the adjusted boundaries.

  • Boundary Survey
  • Boundary Line Adjustment
  • Boundary Marking
  • Deed Research
  • Aerial Drone Survey

USDA Forest Service

White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire