Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering

HEB’s structural engineers work with municipalities, state and federal agencies, utility companies, commercial developers, and private property owners throughout northern New England.

Known for their expertise and integrity, HEB’s structural engineers are responsive, collaborative, and proactive, with exceptional attention to detail. According to one long-time client: “HEB is open-minded when we throw them curve balls. They are always very flexible.”



From the glamourous to the simple, we do bridges the best.

Bridges come in all shapes and sizes. Our bridge engineering services are catered for your project.  Cost-efficiency, low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly, and quick.  It is our specialty to guide you through these once-in-a-lifetime projects and find the best bridge that meets your priorities.  With the projects we’ve completed you’ll see all aspects and perhaps identify with one similar to your vision.



Residential, commercial, industrial, historic rehabilitation, whatever it is…leave it to us.

Our involvement with assessing structural issues, improving performance, and helping you achieve the structure you need is quite varied.  We are often asked to take a look at a concern and help you understand the probable cause and needed actions, if any.  Otherwise, our time is spent working with your project team on additions, historic preservation, renovations, rehabilitations, or new construction to ensure structural stability.  Additionally, if you’d feel more comfortable with a certified structural engineer, we can help you with that too.


Special Structures

Outside the ordinary?  Send it our way.

When you take time to look around, you can begin to appreciate the unique structures that are part of our built environment.  Our structural engineers have a knack for the unusual, it keeps us on our toes, and we can help bring your vision into focus and bring these creations to life.  Other times, it’s far more simple and you just need responsive service.


Disaster Recovery

Helping you recover from the unexpected.

In Northern New England it seems the 100-year storm arrives every few years.  Our rivers and streams are growing more violent or exhibiting characteristics that you’ve never seen before.  HEB can help you understand the situation quickly and work with you to protect your investment.


Grant Assistance

A technical approach to securing funding for your next project.

You’ve determined a project need; however, you don’t know how to fund it.  HEB can help filter through your opportunities and understand the timing and requirements that go along with it.  Our staff have been through these processes and can guide you from inception, through application, and project closeout.


Construction Administration

Ensuring you get what you asked for from your Contractor.

A design is only as good as its implementation.  While many funding sources and regulatory agencies have their own guidelines for ensuring compliance during construction, it is nice to have confidence that you got what you asked for.  In most cases, once it’s buried its quite the messy process to remedy a problem, having HEB there can help reduce those risks.  NHDOT and subsequent FHWA requirements can be the hardest to understand, however, HEB can carry you through these processes as all our engineers are LPA certified.