Land Surveying


Land Surveying

HEB’s licensed surveyors provide responsive and high-quality services to municipal, state, and federal clients, commercial businesses, and private landowners throughout northern New England.

Respected for their integrity, accuracy, and expertise, our surveyors utilize state-of-the-art surveying and GPS equipment, which enables us to deliver precise information. A key resource: our in-house records, detailing more than 80 years of surveying in northern New Hampshire. As one client commented:

“It is really about the people at HEB. The experience of the individual really matters.”


Boundary Survey

It’s important to know your limits.

When transferring ownership or making improvements to your site, it becomes necessary to have a complete understanding of the boundaries.  Monuments found don’t always tell the whole story when easements and rights-of-way are factored.  Additionally, we offer a few options to properly mark your boundary for years to come.


Topographic Survey

The lay of the land.

For a multitude of reasons, it is often necessary to obtain the field data to create a digital model of your property.  Depending on the size of your lot we determine the most cost-effective methods to get that data.  We will often mix, field survey, GPS, LIDAR, and aerial survey to achieve your goals.


Subdivisions and Boundary Line Adjustments

Sometimes the whole is not greater than the sum of its parts.

When it’s time to increase the total value of your property or make more efficient use of land, give us a call.  Subdivisions and Boundary Line Adjustments can be a detailed process with lots of hoops to jump through.  HEB Surveyors will seamlessly guide you through the planning and zoning details and help you make the most of your property.


Land Conservation

Protecting our valuable natural resources.

As professionals working in the physical environment, partnering with conservation groups to help preserve the natural environment and critical habitats is important to us.  Whether its property research and determination of rights, boundary survey and marking, base mapping or planning and zoning coordination, HEB can help.  We have been fortunate to be involved with several conservation groups committed to protecting our critically important habitats and landscapes.

Land Surveying

ALTA Surveys

Serious development requires a serious understanding of the property involved.

Whether you are considering purchasing or selling commercial real-estate or want more detailed information about a piece of land, a survey meeting the requirements of the American Land Title Association (ALTA) may be required.  ALTA surveys generally require a deeper research into property rights to uncover any issues prior to purchase.  HEB’s surveyors have the expertise you need to put your mind at ease.


Flood Elevation Surveys

Flood insurance can be expensive, a site specific evaluation will give you the facts.

If your business or residence is located in a high-risk area or you want to determine your risk for flooding, a survey of your building’s elevation compared to the floodplain is in order.  Surveys which certify elevation information compared to the floodplain are called Elevation Certificates and are typically required in high-risk areas by building codes and to determine flood insurance premiums.  Let HEB’s licensed land surveyors help assess your risk.