Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering

Municipalities, state and federal agencies, commercial developers, and private landowners throughout northern New England look to HEB for community-centered solutions and clear communication.

Experienced design professionals who are well-versed in local, state, and federal permitting requirements, our civil engineers are known for being thorough and knowledgeable, with excellent follow-through. In the words of one client: “It makes our job easier when we know we have people who will deliver.”



Eliminate the unknowns and let HEB guide your development.

Development over the years have left very few remaining easy sites.  Therefore, situating your buildings, parking, green space, drainage, and utilities often relies on a good mixture of art and science.  A deep understand of the Planning and Zoning processes in a hands-on way is also a key to timely development.



Stretching scarce tax dollars into long lasting, multi-user corridors.

Long gone are the days of wide open seas of pavement, where pedestrians and cyclists battle for a piece of the road.  A holistic view of all users and the services that lie underneath and fly overhead is critical to the successful rehabilitation or reconstruction of a roadway corridor.  Careful planning and coordination of water, sewer, stormwater, gas, electricity, telephone, and cable reduce the disruption of our daily lives.  Our clients can testify that when we apply our experience to all of these factors, the result is a beautiful thing.

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Bringing communities together.

When we think of vibrant communities, our thoughts often lead us to places which afford relaxation and enjoyment.  Whether it be a public park, campground, community trail, or athletic complex, recreation is an essential part of human life and vital to our communities. HEB can help your community reach its potential.



NHDES, ZBA, AOT, NEPA, CSPA, etc.  HEB can shepherd you through the alphabet soup of regulations.

From some viewpoints, permitting can be seen as the necessary evil of development.  In these cases, we strive to remove the fear of the unknown.  We have worked with each regulatory agency closely through the years and aim to understand their perspective beyond the written regulations.  How does your project fit within their purview?  Let HEB help move your project forward smoothly with an understanding of a realistic timeframe for approval.


Disaster Recovery

Helping you recover from the unexpected.

In Northern New England it seems the 100-year storm arrives every few years.  Our rivers and streams are growing more violent or exhibiting characteristics that you’ve never seen before.  HEB can help you understand the situation quickly and work with you to protect your investment.


Grant Assistance

A technical approach to securing funding for your next project.

You’ve determined a project need; however, you don’t know how to fund it.  HEB can help filter through your opportunities and understand the timing and requirements that go along with it.  Our staff have been through these processes and can guide you from inception, through application, and project closeout.



Come fly with us!

The convenience and flexibility of private and corporate air travel continues to drive activity at our local general aviation airports.  These drivers can necessitate improvements to worn down components as well as new facilities.  FAA funding is critical to these efforts and compliance with the accompanying requirements are a must.


Water Resources

Guiding water to where it belongs.

Dealing with water is a daily occurrence for our civil engineers.  The joke around our office regarding civil engineering is “water flows downhill.”  Except when it doesn’t or at least doesn’t seem to, that’s when we are put to the test.  Streambank stabilization projects have been a common occurrence with the severity of recent storm events.  However, many of our greatest challenges are faced handling drainage within roadway corridors or newly developed sites and treating this stormwater in a sustainable way.  In any case, we can help get your water where it needs to go.


Construction Administration

Ensuring you get what you asked for from your Contractor.

A design is only as good as its implementation.  While many funding sources and regulatory agencies have their own guidelines for ensuring compliance during construction, it is nice to have confidence that you got what you asked for.  In most cases, once it’s buried its quite the messy process to remedy a problem, having HEB there can help reduce those risks.  NHDOT and subsequent FHWA requirements can be the hardest to understand, however, HEB can carry you through these processes as all our engineers are LPA certified.