Celebrating Our Land Surveyors

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Each year, starting on the third Sunday in March, we celebrate land surveying to bring public awareness to the important profession. “Education of the public is the number one goal of National Surveyors Week. The work surveyors perform for the benefit of the public often goes unrecognized and surveyors need to share our knowledge with them” (Lenik, 2016). We don't think that one week is enough time to recognize Surveyors' often unseen hard work! Do you know what Land Surveyors do?

What are surveyors?

The New Hampshire Land Surveyors Association (NHLSA) views surveyors as professionals who have the academic qualifications and technical expertise to practice the sciences of measuring and mapping as well as making boundary determinations; who uses this knowledge responsibly to help plan and implement the efficient management of land, waters, structures and improvements; and who takes into account legal, economic, environmental and social issues relevant to the practice. Land Surveyors start work early and are the last to leave the office.

Surveyors work in all conditions; sun, frost, rain, and even bugs (especially here in New England). On any given day they can be carrying heavy equipment miles up a steep mountain, researching hundreds of years of land history, or translating acres of a topographic survey into detailed plans for project use. Having our own survey department is a key part of why HEB Engineers is known for our quality services; we make your projects as seamless as possible, under one roof.

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As one client recently shared:

“It is really about the people at HEB. The experience of the individual really matters.”

We couldn't agree more.


Our survey team consists of two licensed surveyors (NH & ME), two licensed surveyors-in-training (LSIT), and two additional field and office staff that provide high attention to detail and strive to complete projects to our high standards of quality.

Courtesy of Anne Skidmore Photography
Courtesy of Anne Skidmore Photography

Kevin Tilton

Lead Surveyor

Seth Burnell

Senior Surveyor

Jake Therriault

Staff Surveyor

Dave Ingram

Junior Surveyor

Mike Malkin

Survey Technician

Sean Perley

Survey Technician


Our Survey Group at HEB Engineers, Inc. is well respected for our integrity, accuracy, and expertise. A key resource for our team is our in-house records which detail more than 80 years of surveying in northern New Hampshire and Western Maine. We have served many municipalities, state and federal clients, commercial businesses, and private landowners throughout northern New England. You can learn more about our services here.