HEB Establishes Wellness Program to Promote Employee Well-being

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In 2019, HEB initiated the first steps into launching a company-wide Wellness Program.

The Wellness Program was created to help employees adopt and maintain healthy behaviors. The program aims to educate employees on a variety of topics including emotional, social, financial, physical, and nutritional wellbeing.  These topics are presented through company-wide challenges, workshops and guest speakers.

Hydration challenge

This past summer, employees participated in a Hydration Challenge. For 21 days, participants recorded how many days per week they met their recommended daily water intake. With a high participation level, this challenge proved to be successful. A number of employees met their water intake requirements all 21 days!

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“HEB is excited to embark on a new wellness program because we think this will be a significant positive impact to our staff.  We want to build a culture where our staff feel supported and are healthy, happy and engaged.  Ultimately, this culture of healthy and happy employees will allow us to continue to grow and prosper as a company”.

-Jay Poulin, President

learning healthy financial & STRESS REDUCTION practices

In October, Randy Guida, from Residential Mortgage Services (RMS), hosted a workshop at our North Conway office. Randy provided information for those who were interested in the necessary steps to becoming a homeowner.


In early December, Mellanie Smith, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and Life Coach, hosted a Stress Reduction Workshop in our North Conway office. Mellanie provided information regarding stress and the effect it has on the body. She also provided tips for stress reduction including mindfulness, breath-work, and acupressure.


In the coming year, HEB will continue developing the Wellness Program.

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Amelya Saras Website Bio

Meet HEB's Wellness Program Coordinator

Team member, Amelya Saras, has been appointed HEB's Wellness Program Coordinator.

Amelya is responsible for planning, developing, and implementing the program. Outside of work, Amelya enjoys skiing, mountain biking, and playing hockey. Amelya also enjoys learning about nutrition and took a number of Nutrition and Wellness courses while studying at the University of New Hampshire.