#tbt | HEB Team Enjoys Revived Maple Villa Glades

This late-season snow is all it took for the HEB office to start reminiscing about our recent springtime backcountry ski adventure in the maple villa glades...

These beautiful adventure woods lie in the White Mountain National Forest as well as land of the Upper Saco Valley Land Trust. Originally constructed in 1933 by the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Maple Villa Glade blends a mix of expert to intermediate terrain.

Team members from HEB enjoying Maple Villa Glades during their last company outing.
Team members from HEB enjoying Maple Villa Glades during their last company outing.

HEB Engineers happily helped our friends at Granite Backcountry Alliance with the surveying and engineering services for the trailhead parking lot for the recently revived Maple Villa Ski Trail. We decided that the best way to celebrate the comeback of our local glade was to play in the woods ourselves!

Deciding the day's route.
Deciding the day's route.
Uphill 1_Maple Villa
Uphill 2_Maple Villa
Uphill 3_Maple Villa

“We are thrilled to have HEB Engineers provide not only their expertise and skill to the Maple Villa Glade, but also to contribute their enthusiasm and energy toward making this community project happen.  Kevin Tilton was instrumental in executing on a number of items and his knowledge was critical to the project’s success.  We love hearing that HEB personnel enjoyed the fruits of their labor by skiing the glades on a company outing – that says a lot about the people, workplace, and community focus at HEB!”

Tyler Ray, Granite Chief, Granite Backcountry Alliance

Kevin Tilton | Senior Surveyor
Kevin Tilton | Senior Surveyor
MCM Ski_Maple Villa Glades
ARS_MCM_Maple Villa Glades
JKM Ski_Maple Villa Glades

Our work hard/play hard mantra at HEB continues to help our team cultivate young professionals who enjoy being active members of our beautiful community.

We are already dreaming of our next ski season!

HEB Uphill Group_Maple Villa Glade
TBG Ski_Maple Villa Glades
ARS Ski_Maple Villa Glades


Photos: Cait Bourgault


Also special thanks to

Andrew Drummond of Ski The Whites for hooking our staff up with gear!


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