New Roof, New Lighting for Stark Covered Bridge

Alpine Construction has been busy in Stark over this long, snowy winter.  Dealing temperatures as low as -27° and numerous snowstorms, work progressed throughout the season.  The project is currently over 80% through the anticipated schedule and the bridge is on schedule to be completed in May of this year.  The historic bridge now has a newly sheathed roof and an upgraded lighting system is currently being
installed.  “It has been a long process, particularly to repair and replace individual joists.  At the end of the project, the bridge will retain its distinctive look but nearly all of the original beams will have been replaced or repaired in some way.  They need to be addressed individually and that takes the contractor a lot of time,” says Jason Ross, HEB project manager.  Next steps include completion of a fire suppression system for the 160-year-old Paddleford truss bridge, completion of the electrical system, and a coat of new white paint, once
spring weather comes around.  Construction is expected to be completed in May 2015. For more information, contact Jason Ross at [email protected] or 603-356-6936.