Stark Covered Bridge Rehabilitation Continues

The Stark Covered Bridge rehabilitation project is well under way.  The contractor, Alpine Construction of Schuylerville, NY, has jacked up the historic bridge, removed the siding and decking and is in the process of replacing and splicing unsound members with new timbers.  HEB’s Resident Engineer, Roger Caron, has been on-site every day of the project, observing construction and preparing the documentation required for the NHDOT Local Public Assistance Program, necessary to obtain National Historic Covered Bridge Preservation Program funding.  The project, which began in April of this year, is expected to last for another 12 months.  For more information about this project, contact project manager Jason Ross, PE at 603-356-6936 or email

The bridge was raised and is supported on steel beams.


New timbers are individually cut and installed.