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Federal & State Projects

Over the years, HEB has worked with a variety of federal and state agencies for individual and term contracts. Selected via the Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) process required by the federal government and the State of New Hampshire, clients have included:

Federal Agencies

* USDA Forest Service, White Mountain National Forest

* US Postal Service

* USDI National Park Service

* US Fish & Wildlife

State Agencies

* NH Bureau of Public Works

* NH Department of Resources & Economic Development

* NH Department of Transportation

* NH Department of Safety

* NH Employment Security

* University System of New Hampshire

* Community College System of New Hampshire

Examples of recent projects include:

USFS Campton Dam Renovations, term contract 2012-2016

NHBPW Strafford Patrol Shed, term contract 2013-2016

USFS Timber Bridge Inspections, term contract 2012-2016

USFS White Mountain National Forest Bridge Replacements, term contract 2012-2016

USFS Dolly Copp Campground Utility Upgrades

CCSNH White Mountains Community College Site Design & Building Assessments

USNH UNH Kingsbury Hall Rooftop Structural Design

USPS Post Office Renovations, term contracts 2001-2006

NH DOS Tower Assessments

NH DRED Cannon Mountain Septic Design

NHES Building Assessment, Conway, NH

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